Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay, Kylie was extra funny today. Some of these may lose it in the translation, but here goes...

1) We started using M & M's to entice her to potty on the potty. She now sits on the potty all the time, crying because she cannot pee more to get M & M's. I think it has "clicked" now.
2) She wedged 2 tupperware containers on her feet today and said, "I got my slippers! Now I'm ready for the party!" I went and bought her some princess slippers and she put them on and said, "Now I'm ready to mambo!"
3) She ran out of her room tonight and said, "Mommy, come read me one more book, then you can go downstairs and watch TV."
4) As I left her room, she said, "My cougher!" I said, "What?" She said, "My cougher!!!" I said, "What???" She said, *sigh* "My blanket!!"

The other day, I said, "Why are you screaming your head off???" She reached up and grabbed her head and said seriously, "No, my head is still there."

It is a rainy night in Augusta and we really need it! Tomorrow we've got storytime at the library and I'm going to the gym. We might try our first movie at the theatre on Thursday!

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