Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Kylie has now mastered jumping out of her regular crib and can also open the door to her room to get out. So, I have purchased the door knob covers and hope that she will at least stay in her room when she gets out of the crib.

She just found and ate a Hershey's kiss, paper and all. As I cleaned up the pristine white tablecloth that she smeared the chocolate on, she was emptying a house plant and playing in the dirt with her tea set. She is now in her room behind a door that she cannot open. She will stay there for awhile. :(

Cranberry Sauce

At the grocery store last night, Kylie put her finger to her cheek and said, "Hmmm...what we need? Cwanberry sauce!!"

This morning, she poured all of Beeper's dog food into his water and then had fun stirring it all up and using it with her tea set before she was discovered. After I cleaned her up, she stealthily pulled a stool up to the kitchen counters, got down a potato and started eating it raw. That's my girl!

Kylie now can open the doors at Granna's house because they have the handlebar knobs. She got out of her pack n play 10 times during nap yesterday, opened the door and triumphantly joined us in the living room. Each time, I put her back in and she promptly climbed right back out. She stayed in her pack n play last night, but she happily appeared in our room this morning yelling, "Get up!!" Going to have to figure out something to keep her in the pack n play at Granna's house.

My cousins, Jill and Nick, had their first baby, Brooklynn, yesterday! She was 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Congratulations!!! We can't wait to meet her in January!

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Castle

We drove past a large Baptist church today and Kylie said, "Ooooo....a castle!"

We are happy to hear that my cousin, Jill, is in labor with her first baby, Brooklynn! It could be any minute now!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dog Poop

I overheard Kylie pretending today. She said, "I smell poop! There! Bad dog!" Obviously, she's been hanging around Granna and Beeper!

Today we made felt snowman pieces for Kylie to put together. That's probably the closest we'll get to snow this winter. We also bought a neon pink miniature Christmas tree for Kylie's room next year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Theme

Kylie and I are starting a "winter" theme this week. We are learning songs about winter, reading books about winter, dressing up in scarves and mittens, dressing paper dolls in coats and hats...but then putting on our short sleeves to go outside in the 65 degree weather. There's just something not right about that!

Kylie can now name all her colors and most shapes. She is counting aloud to 20. She can sometimes identify numbers 1 - 4. She does sing the alphabet song, but does not yet identify letters.

Ta Da! Here I am at 20 months!

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Fluffy

Kylie has named her new blue feather duster, "My Fluffy." She often requests it by name, such as, "Where's my Fluffy?"

When attempting to put Kylie's new DVD into the player tonight, I discovered 2 blue mini pompoms had been stuffed into the slot. Wonder who did that??? The DVD player is now non-functional.


Kylie just asked for some raisins and I told her to go get a bowl. She brought me a casserole dish to fill with raisins. You wish, Kylie!

Christmas 2008!

Kylie got up early on Christmas morning and we were able to film her 2nd Santa experience on our new exacti video camera (thanks, Ron and Melrose!). She was very excited about Santa this year and could even sing the entire song: "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Santa brought her an easel and all the accessories, Little People castle, puzzles, a fire truck that really sirens, play doh and other cool stuff. Ron and Melrose came over after Santa and we had a nice gift exchange. One of Kylie's favorite presents: a doll that sits on the potty and sings, "Pee pee on the potty!" You can also brush her teeth, which will be very inspiring to Kylie. Next, we brunched at Mike and Geri's house and opened presents. Some of Kylie's presents from the day: medical kit, musical instruments (which she plays loudly), magnetic "paper dolls," duplo blocks, microwave oven ("Push buttons!"), wooden play doh tools, wooden cookie/cookie sheet set, Dora doll, magnetic animals, bath toys, puzzles, dragon overnight bag, rhyming Bible, toddler Bible, Fancy Nancy books, cute clothes and stuff to outfit her bathroom. We are cleaning out some of her outgrown toys to make room! Pictures will be a little later because Paul's computer is messed up and cannot get the pics off the camera.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today it's Christmas Eve! Early in the day, I gave Kylie one present to open (thanks, Grandpa Creighton!) and she loved it! It was wooden fruit that you cut up with a little wooden knife. She played with it for 30 minutes straight! We then made a snowman with playdoh. Kylie smooshed it flat and said, "Uh oh, Frosty the Snowman fall down." She also enjoyed reading her Franklin book. She thumbed through the pages singing the theme song from the cartoon: "It's Franklin, coming to your house. It's Franklin, coming to your house." We're looking forward to Christmas Eve dinner here at our house tonight with Mike, Geri, Amelia, Granna, Papa G, Mimi, Frank, Connie and Aunt Geri. I just put the turkey in (my first turkey ever!) and hopefully it will turn out alright. We're going to miss being with Nana, Aunt Jan, Uncle Sandy, Blake, Jill and Nick this Christmas, but we'll meet with them in January after Jill's baby, Brooklynn, is born. This will be our first Christmas not being together. We'll pretend it's Christmas in January!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Current obsession: tea parties!

Kylie's current obsession is having tea parties. She sets the table, pours the tea (imaginary pouring sounds) and puts bibs on Stella and Emma (her two dolls). Kylie tells me or Paul, "Sit down!" and we must sit down in a certain chair...not HER chair. She dumps a pretend can of peas onto our plates and tells us to "EAT!" We are too frightened not to obey. She will make an excellent soup nazi one day.

Classic Kylie pose!

Hi all!

Hi! By special request (Hello, Jill!), I am starting a Kylie blog to keep everyone updated on her latest antics. For starters, just know that Kylie now 21 months. She currently gets out of her crib at night and meets me at the door in the mornings. Yesterday she managed to grab a crystal "flower" off the shelf while I was in the shower, break it and cut her finger. While she was playing with the broken crystal and blood, I managed to get myself back upstairs to wake Paul up before I almost passed out. I'm not sure what I'll do if I'm by myself and this happens again. Blood is not my friend! She never cried, but I was a mess! The day before, she woke up and told Paul: "I want to go to library for books and to the grocery store." At least she knows what she wants!

We just got back from the grocery store, where she gleefully yelled, "Beer!" as we went down that aisle. I'm ashamed that she knows that one.