Saturday, November 7, 2009


I took Kylie to go see Santa today. She was eager to go sit on his lap, which is much different from previous years when she just screamed. She told him what she wanted and received a piece of chocolate. When we got to the car, she said, "I told Santa I wanted games and movies, but all he gave me was a piece of chocolate."

Last night, we were watching Max and Ruby on TV. This must have been an episode that she's seen WAY too many times. They were bird watching and I said, "Oh, that bird looks like a brown thrasher." She said, "No. It's a speckled warbler." Sure enough, it was.

After much internal debate, I took Kylie today to get the H1N1 vaccine. She did fine...we have to go get another dose in 30 days. I'm hoping it was the right choice. It's been very difficult to find the vaccine here in Augusta.

Today we also walked in the Memory Walk for Alzheimer's. It was a 3 mile walk, the highlight being a train that blew past us, tooting its horn and screeching its brakes. My friend, Melissa, suggested that we next raise money for the "Deaf Children's Fund."

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