Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cranberry Sauce

At the grocery store last night, Kylie put her finger to her cheek and said, "Hmmm...what we need? Cwanberry sauce!!"

This morning, she poured all of Beeper's dog food into his water and then had fun stirring it all up and using it with her tea set before she was discovered. After I cleaned her up, she stealthily pulled a stool up to the kitchen counters, got down a potato and started eating it raw. That's my girl!

Kylie now can open the doors at Granna's house because they have the handlebar knobs. She got out of her pack n play 10 times during nap yesterday, opened the door and triumphantly joined us in the living room. Each time, I put her back in and she promptly climbed right back out. She stayed in her pack n play last night, but she happily appeared in our room this morning yelling, "Get up!!" Going to have to figure out something to keep her in the pack n play at Granna's house.

My cousins, Jill and Nick, had their first baby, Brooklynn, yesterday! She was 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Congratulations!!! We can't wait to meet her in January!

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  1. I'm glad you are keeping this blog current. It is so hilarious to read about Kylie's antics! I'm sure the stuff is only funny in retrospect and not necessarily when you are dealing with it.

    :-) Marcela