Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Paul asked me last night if any ladies that I met in my MOPS group would make good Bunco partners. Kylie overheard and kept saying, "Bunco! Bunco!" I said, "Kylie, do you have Bunco?" She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "No, I no got Bunco."

Yesterday Kylie got out of her crib and bounded into our room at 5:00 AM demanding gummy bears. She did not go back to sleep and she never took a nap, so it was a long day. She also did not receive any gummy bears!

Last night, Kylie was jumping from the ottomon to the couch and back again while yelling, "Super Bunny!!!" When I told her it was time to go to bed, she realized that she had not watched Dora the Explorer and she started crying for Dora. She cried and cried to watch Dora. Finally, she got distracted by a book, but when I got her up this morning, the first thing she said to me was, "Now I watch Dora!" Too bad it wasn't on this morning!

We registered her today for Mom's Day Out in the fall. She is qualified to go 3 days, but I think she'll still just go 2 days. We're so busy with Mom's Club activities (field trips, playgroups, brunches, etc.) on the other days that I don't want her to miss!

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